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Pier Hoekstra was born in Friesland, Netherlands and came to America with his parents and 5 other siblings at the age of two.  His father was looking for new opportunities and with only 30 dollars in his pocket, hard work ethics, and knowledge of farming his father George got a job and eventually saved enough money to buy his own dairy.  He passed his love and passion for nature down to his children and grandchildren.     Pier also continued as his father did and purchased his first dairy, Cuyama Dairy Farm, in 1971 and it has been family owned and operated ever since.

The dairy now resides on a total of 434 acres, including farm ground for the animals, and is located in Cuyama, California and is the only cow dairy in Santa Barbara County. The climate in the valley is well suited for the cows with its mild winters and warm breezy summers. The dairy herd is currently at about 1,600 cows, made up of about 90% Holsteins. Milked twice a day, the cows are never treated with hormones to increase milk production, and their milk contains no antibiotics. The herd is fed a silage mixture containing feeds such as alfalfa hay, silage, carrots, and almond hulls . The cows are 85% grass fed and 60% organic.  Soon we will be offering 100% organic products as well. 

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