Our eggs are organic, farm fresh, and free range/cage-free eggs. Eggs are really a hobby for us so we don't mass produce them.  We have about 100 chickens, 40 ducks, 20 quail and 10 geese.  They love the farm as there are 2 large ponds for them to swim on and lots of land for them to explore. 

Currently you can only find these products at some of our markets as they are offered in small production and sell out quickly.

Chicken Eggs - Our chicken eggs come in brown, white and green and have very dark yellow yokes.

Duck Eggs - Duck eggs have a rich flavor and are wonderful for baking as they make everything fluffier and rise higher.

Quail Eggs - Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many countries. They are often eaten raw or hard-boiled which only takes 3 minutes though they can be prepared the same as any chicken egg.

Goose Eggs - Our goose eggs are seasonal, but when we have them they go fast.  Goose eggs are slightly sweeter and can be used the same way chicken eggs.


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   Our Eggs

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