Care for a Cow has been established so you can help support the raising of a calf starting at birth. 100% of donations goes to improving the health and happiness of our herd all to the helps of you.  Care for a Calf is a great gift for family, friends, and even yourself.

$10 Donation - Bronze Cow

When you choose to donate $10, you will receive information on our dairy, how we operate and how your $10 dollars is making a difference.

$50 Donation - Silver Cow

In addition to bronze cow, you choose a cow from the herd to name and will send you a certificate with the cow's picture and information.

$100 Donation - Gold Cow

In addition to silver cow, you can sign up for the annual visit to the farm which includes a hay ride and tour. This is a great way to see the changes that Care for a Calf has made each year.

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