Sara Hoekstra grew up surrounded by cows her entire childhood, but after college she went to work for her older brother in the Los Angeles area.  After several wonderful years of helping him run his company she determined it was time for her to change things up, she knew it was time to leave the big city and get back to the things she loved most, the farm. 

Since she was a little girl, she loved being in the kitchen but enjoyed being out on the dairy even more.  Becoming a cheese maker seemed familiar even though she had never made cheese before. 

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   The Cheese Maker

After researching the idea of making cheese and taking classes it was time to roll up her sleeves and get to work. With a degree in business and five years of application behind her, she felt that it was a good time to take on the challenge of starting her own company that would combined her interests in both food and farm. In 2010 Sara started The Santa Barbara Cheese Company creating artisan cheeses that were fresh and wholesome just how food was intended to be. 

"I want to create a company that puts value into a quality, healthy product.  Cheese should be about more than just mass production - something so many of our foods have become susceptible to. I love every minute of what I do, from making the cheese, to talking to the consumer at the markets."  The Santa Barbara Cheese Company creates artisanal cheese from whole, hormone free milk which provides the best quality of cheese to bring to the market.



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